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The digital age requires fundamentally new approaches to leadership, business strategy, and innovation. Lifelong learning is key in a world of constant change. DueDigital.com is the specialized information hub for building and enhancing digital skills and expertise.

Thanks to DueDigital.com, users can:

✔ Find high quality training opportunities and events to boost their digital skills set

✔ Experience the potential of real-time updates matching their interests

✔ Connect to individuals and corporations

✔ Follow topics of their interest and see what's new in the world of digital innovation

Recruit Top Professionals

DueDigital.com users
are highly motivated
from 150+ countries
all around the world.


Our mission is to help companies, corporations and institutions raise their profile and reputation and effectively recruit the best candidates.

Reach the right people

Use our powerful targeting options and multi-channel advertisement to reach the most relevant segment of our audience.

Get better conversions

Your message is delivered directly and clearly so that your leads match your candidate profile.

Improve your ROI

We work with you to create personalized and effective campaigns.

Geo-target your campaigns

Additional promotion and visibility in your priority countries.

Our Products

DueDigital.com products
are targeted to meet
the marketing needs and
budget of our customers.


From online announcements to personalized campaigns, we find the best marketing combination for your company.


We offer 4 Announcement types to promote the courses and jobs at your institution. Each Announcement delivers complete and detailed information to our users, helping them choose your opportunity. See benefits of each option here:

★☆☆☆ Basic

Get your job openings or training courses out there with our entry-level package. Including an advert with logo that is shared once around our network.

★★☆☆ Standard

Improved promotion including deadline reminders and additional website and network visibility.

★★★☆ Featured

Stand out from the crowd with an attractive header image, extra email and social-network visibility, and a repost for a second promotion round!

★★★★ Premium

Maximum promotion that really sets your company apart. Specify your target countries for extra awareness and get a total of three promotion rounds to ensure high visibility throughout your campaign.

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Personalized Advertising Options

Discover the power of personalized campaigns tailored to your needs. Promote your job openings, events or training courses with Banners, Editorial Stories, Email Alert & Social Media Ads and many more.

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11 Academia

DueDigital.com belongs to
11 Academia Networks,
a group of specialized career,
recruitment and education platforms.


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