Exploring the benefits of VR in the Omni-channel Experience

Exploring the benefits of VR in the Omni-channel Experience


VR, The New Reality?

We sat down with Camillo Weinz, Strategic Innovation Manager, Digital Products at TUI Group to take a look at what the future of VR holds for retail and marketers can take advantage.

1. What is the current landscape of VR in marketing?

You can’t help but agree with Gartner’s placement of VR on the slope of enlightenment, when you see the plethora of VR experiences created by agencies and businesses. We’ve moved past the trough of disillusionment and more and more companies are starting to develop practical applications of the technology with truly immersive and engaging content.

The technology still has a long way to go in terms of mainstream adoption at the consumer level, no doubt due to the substantial investment required, however, new enterprise solutions are continuously and rapidly hitting the market. I believe it’s because brands have seen proof that this medium can bring their product to life like no other, which is particularly relevant for an industry like ours, where your product is very much intangible at point of sale.

2. How can VR be used in the omnichannel experience?

360 content may be more exciting with a VR headset on, but distribution does not need to be limited to retail outlets or pop up shops. Once you’ve shot the content, distribution via your online channels (website & social) in 360 mode can provide a consistent approach to your 360 strategy.

3. How does the implementation of this technology increase conversion?

Holidays are a high consideration and intangible purchase which may only happen once or twice a year. When you buy a holiday, you want to make sure you buy what is best for you and your family or friends. Being able to virtually visit your destination or product before committing to it therefore provides huge value for customers in terms of assurance.

From a business perspective, VR allows you to show off your product in a completely different way to what was previously possible. It allows you to capture your guest’s attention and has the potential to provide plenty of awestruck moments, which is a pretty good combination if you’re trying to increase conversion.

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