Machine learning is a component of artificial intelligence (AI) whereby computers can learn patterns and sequences without being explicitly programmed. While AI is the broader concept of machines being able to accomplish ‘smart’ tasks, machine learning is the idea that with access to a dataset, computers can make decisions and carry out tasks by themselves.

Google is winning over developers with the recently announced Cloud AutoML, a suite of machine learning products that enables developers to train more complex and high quality models. Since the technologies have moved to the cloud, applications across all devices can utilize the power of Cloud AugoML. A tool that requires minimum effort and enables developers to create high quality models, Google’s machine learning products are sure to disrupt markets in 2018. Let’s take a look at some of Google’s machine learning features that have made Google a leader and innovator in the field of AI.



Cloud vision API software has the power to recognize the content of an image, extracting data for developers and allowing images to quickly be classified into thousands of categories. The software can detect individual objects, such as flowers, a sailboat, a camel, and can also detect faces within images. This allows you to build metadata as well as flag inappropriate content. You can also build in requirements for certain facial expressions, so if you want all individuals to be smiling in your images, Cloud Vision API can do that for you.



Cloud Speech API enables you to convert audio to text. The software recognizes over 110 languages and dialects, even differentiating between British or American English, so your global networks can all make use of this powerful feature. The most common use is to transcribe audio files, providing you with a text transcription that can be further studied with analytics tools. But in addition to transcription, Cloud Speech API can also be used to enable voice command or control. Since it uses machine learning, the algorithms for recognizing your speech improve the more you use the software.



Cloud video API tags the contents of your videos, allowing developers to extract data and makes your video catalog searchable. This makes it easier to index and organize your video content, filtering for the content you want and flagging content that is inappropriate. The software uses machine learning to improve transcriptions of speech, detect scene changes, and label objects in the video. Cloud vision, speech, and video all serve to convert various modalities into text, allowing you to more easily manage data sets and extract actionable items.



Data Loss Prevention API provides a secure tool to classify and manage sensitive or personal data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or passport information. The software uses machine learning to recognize patterns or formats, or even contextual clues to determine what text may contain sensitive data. It can then redact that sensitive data before you perform analysis or create copies of it, ensuring sensitive data of either you or your users is kept private and secure. Pricing is on a sliding scale, with free storage up to 1GB up to $5 per GB for 1TB to 10TB. To learn more about securing your personal data with the help of AI, click here.



As we’ve seen, machine holds great potential to disrupt markets across a range of sectors. From personalized health monitoring through smart watches, to online retailers like Amazon, to smart machines calculating risk profiles for banks, machine learning is rapidly becoming one of the most important technological innovations of our time. In response, digital leaders are moving quickly to integrate machine learning into their business models, and developing their talent pool to include skills in AI and, more specifically, machine learning.

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