The 10 Fastest-Growing Skills in the Online Job Market

The 10 Fastest-Growing Skills in the Online Job Market


Without a doubt, the digital sector is one of the world's fastest-growing job markets with new roles being created and existing roles being developed all the time.

The digital realm is in perpetual motion and as new technologies emerge, so do new opportunities - and as a result, new talent is needed to leverage them. In the UK alone, the digital skills gap, or deficit, is causing issues regarding innovation and productivity. According to a recent study, 52% of companies reported a slight shortage in digital competencies, with 21% stating the deficit was 'significant' and 3% confirming it was 'critical'.

But, those that keep their finger on the pulse and continue to upskill themselves with emerging competencies, stand to enjoy an incredible amount of success, as do the companies that employ them. For instance, the emergence of natural language processing has seen some freelancers reaping the benefits already, earning an average hourly rate of $123 (US) per hour.

We've established that having the right digital skills will take you or your businesses to new and impressive heights. To lend you a helping hand, there are the official top 10 biggest growing skills in the online job market.

1. Natural language processing: The application of computational techniques resulting in the analysis and synthesis of natural (human-like) language and speech.

2. Swift development: A broad-ranging, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux.

3. Tableau: An industry-leading BI tool that specialises in data visualisation, dashboarding and data discovery.

4. Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS): An integrated web service API that assists Amazon sellers in programmatically exchanging data on listings, orders, payments, reports and a range of other elements.

5. Stripe: An ever-growing payment processing API for e-commerce businesses.

6. Instagram marketing: We live in a visual world where Instagram currently has 200 million monthly active users. Surely that’s reason enough for companies of all shapes and sizes to crave individuals with superior Instagram marketing skills?

7. MySQL programming: A powerful open source relational database management system (RDBMS) based on Structured Query Language (SQL).

8. Unbounce: A campaign-specific webpage orientated tool that helps its users reduce bounce rate and increase conversions.

9. Social media management: Around 2.46 billion people use social media worldwide - that's an incredible level of opportunity for brands and marketers to grow their customer base. No wonder it’s such an in demand online job. Check more content related to social media here

10. AngularJS: A structural framework built for dynamic web apps that facilitates the use of HTML as a template language and allows the extension of HTML's syntax to express an application's components clearly and succinctly.


Now you know which digital or online skills are in hot demand, you can go about gaining new skills, gaining a competitive edge on the competition and enhancing your prospects.

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