2 + 3D Photography – Practice and Prophecies - 2019

Conference topics

The call for short papers was a success in 2017. That is why we shall open a call for papers for this edition in August 2018. We invite everyone to make a contribution to the conference if your practical experience relates to the conference topics.

In addition to the topics listed below, we will have, as in our previous editions, an inspiration market with innovative companies displaying the latest developments in our field and you’ll be informed by international colleagues on their recent achievements on various subjects with their poster presentations.

Photographing 2D and 3D objects: daily practice and applications

  • Actual practice in the studio: experience from the work floor
  • Standardization has become essential now that photography has an increasingly greater role in conservation and science. How does this affect our daily workflow?
  • Working with science and conservation makes us better photographers and opens new horizons
  • Applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning to digitization workflows
  • Are algorithms taking over?
  • Working towards a consistent standard in UV and IR-photography
  • Is there ever going to be consensus on how we photograph 3D objects?
  • What would we wish our future equipment to be?

3D applications for cultural heritage

  • What is the added value of 3D content in the context of cultural heritage?
  • Can we offer a test of 3D techniques currently available so users can choose a technique that fits their needs?
  • 3D digital applications are booming, we need applications that we can manage ourselves
  • Is the perfect copy/3D print already possible?
  • Is there a conflict between creative and scientific techniques?
  • We need to find sustainable solutions. Where and how can content and 3D developers meet?

Color Management

  • Can we color manage the photography of 3D objects?
  • Can we color manage 3D scanning/photogrammetry/360?

Workflow Management

  • Planning, organization and preservation (studio, archive, DAM)
  • Managing large digitization projects
  • Managing ever growing data systems and large digitization workflows

Sustainability and sharing

  • How do we preserve and sustain our image data?
  • Can we reach out to countries with few available to them to digitize their heritage?
  • What is the importance of sharing with the public?


The conference is organized by the Rijksmuseum in cooperation with the Association for Historical and Fine Art Photography (AHFAP).
The official language will be English.

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