2017 International Forensic Science Error Management Symposium

Conference Dates: to





Country: United States

City: Gaithersburg

NIST and the FBI invite you to the second International Symposium on Forensic Science Error Management, where speakers, panels, posters, and workshops will address ways to detect, measure, and mitigate forensic science errors. This symposium promises an eye-opening, candid appraisal of root causes and possible solutions while providing a forum for open dialog about this sensitive topic. The technologies for detecting, recording, collecting, packaging, transporting, and preserving forensic evidence are advancing rapidly. Crime scene investigators need continuous training to keep up with the latest tools for video-documenting crime scenes, recording 3-D impression evidence, interpreting blood spatter, and collecting traces of evidence invisible to the human eye. This track will cover the challenges that investigators confront in the field, including potential errors and how to mitigate them. Death Investigation Coroners and forensic pathologists face the challenge of learning about a decedent using detective work and death investigation. Although identifying the cause, mechanism and manner of death involves long-established practices, forensic pathology protocols do occasionally result in errors or controversy. For example, shaken baby syndrome has been called into question, and much work remains to reduce uncertainty in the measurement of time of death. This track will cover the causes of error in death investigation and approaches to minimizing them.