EBF Digital Transformation in Retail Banking 2018

This event offers a platform for leading European retail banks to come together to discuss their strategy for digital transformation. The event will focus on use-cases and experience-based insights to provide attendees with useful and practical knowledge. This includes examples of structural changes which have increased agility and customer-facing solutions which have dramatically improved the customer journey (and many more!)

The scope of the forum includes insights into how banks can collect and leverage data to create customer-centric products and a seamless customer journey, how best to commercialise PSD2, increase agility, optimise existing channels and achieve OmniChannel.

Delegates will leave the event having gained insights from top European retail banks on all of the most important topics surrounding digital transformation – spaces are limited to apply for a pass today register at the link above!

Exploring ways to bring your Agility A-Game

Legacy systems are still very much the thorn in the side of banks’ digital transformation. These legacy systems prevent traditional banks from moving as quickly from innovation to implementation as their smaller, more agile, competitors. These smaller competitors are able to respond to customer demands quickly so that they are constantly getting ever closer to exactly what the customer wants.

Who should attend this event?

This unique banking event enables senior executives from technology, business development and operations at leading retail banks to evaluate and discuss solutions that will help increase customer acquisition and retention and improve operational efficiency.

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