Build a highly persuasive Landing page in 2 hours & 0 coding

Build an optimized Landing Page that converts well without writing any line of coding and with the cheapest way possible

Landing page is one of the most important aspects in your business. It is a page you use to catch your viewers contact and information in order to market to them and sell them your products later on. Creating a very well optimized landing page could multiply by 2 or 3 or maybe by 10 your revenue. In this course i will show how to build a very performant landing page without typing any line of coding and with the cheapest way possible.

I am Rihab, a webmarketer, webdesigner and a business consultant, i have helped hundreds of people building or enhancing their landing pages and i will help you do the same.

Building landing page is not an easy task! Many people struggle to build effective landing pages and lots of them fail! Why? Let me tell you

-Designing a landing page from scratch using coding is very difficult. Even if you are familiar with WordPress or if you actually built your own website, dealing with landing pages is a new different level of complication! Only webdesigning professionals can find this work easy and simple.

-Using online software and plugins could be very costly. It might cost several hundred or thousands of dollars per year! And too many of us are not willing to pay this sum or maybe we don’t afford it!

-Most of people struggle  to understand the philosophy of a landing page. Lots of people fail to understand what are the core elements that must be included in a landing page to convince their visitors to leave their personal information.

In this course, i will teach you how to create your landing page very easily with a minimum cost and without having to write any single line of coding. And the most important, you'll learn how to build a very well optimized landing page that converts well ;). 

First , we'll see what is a landing page and why it is very important to your business.

Next, i will teach you how to become a monster of persuasion. I will teach you the core concepts of persuasion and manipulation and show you how to apply them in your landing page to convert maximum viewers into clients. 

Then i will show you how Jordan Belfort, The real wolf of Wall Street apply those persuasion concepts in his highly converting landing page.

Next , I am going to introduce to you the plugin I use to build my landing page. You will get familiar with this plugin in no time and you will see how easy and quick you will be able to work with it! Using this plugin I will show you step by step how to build your landing page so tonight after finishing this course you will go and build your first amazing landing page! 

Then we will see together the different components of a landing page, and thru this course we will discuss each component separately and I will show you tenth of bad and good exemples.

I will show you the best tips and tricks about how to design these components and how to optimize them.
We will finish this course by a BONUS section, where I introduce the concept of “sales funnel” to you and I will show you how to build your first sales funnel in an easy and quick way.

Optimizing your landing page is very important, imagine that by optimizing it you have improved your conversions by could double your revenues...I am sure that by applying only one or two tricks that you'll learn in this course, you'll enhance a lot your conversions, act now and don't leave money on the table ;) 

This course has a 30 days money back guarantee, so i you feel for any reason that this course doesn't suit you, you can ask for a refund very easily.

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