Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Online Course

Teach students to understand, manage and process digital signals from a wide variety of sources. The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) online course from ARM Education Media explores the design of DSP systems and the creation of commercially viable audio applications using high-performance and energy-efficient ARM processors

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1. Discrete Time Signals and Systems

2. Sampling, Reconstruction, and Aliasing - Complex Exponentials and Fourier Analysis

3. Sampling, Reconstruction, and Aliasing - Time and Frequency Domains

4. Z-Transform - Time and Frequency Domains

5. FIR Filters - Moving Average Filters

6. FIR Filters - Window Method of Design

7. IIR Filters - Impulse Invariant and Bilinear Transform Methods of Design

8. IIR Filters - Simple Design Example

9. Fast Fourier Transform - Review of Fourier Transformation

10. Fast Fourier Transform - Derivation of Radix-2 FFT

11. Adaptive Filters - Prediction and System Identification

12. Adaptive Filters - Equalisation and Noise Cancellation

13. Adaptive Filters - Adaptive FIR Filter

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Certificate in Digital Signal Processing

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