Digital Signal Processing Online Course

The explosion of digital data in today’s world means it is crucial for learners to understand and practice how to manage and process digital signals that come in from a wide variety of sources. You can address that need with this course, which covers basic concepts such as sampling, reconstruction and aliasing, fundamental filtering algorithms such as FIR, IIR and FFT, and software programming basics and principles.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of

  • DSP basic concepts such as sampling, reconstruction and aliasing
  • Fundamental filtering algorithms such as FIR, IIR, FFT
  • Arm-based microcontrollers as low-power DSP computing platforms
  • Software programming basics and principles


  • Ability to choose between different DSP algorithms for different applications
  • Ability to use different design methods to achieve better results
  • Ability to evaluate experimental results (e.g. quality, speed, power) and correlate them with the corresponding designing and programming techniques


  • Ability to implement DSP algorithms and design methods on Arm-based microcontrollers
  • Ability to use commercial hardware and software tools to develop real time DSP application


  • Basic C programming and elementary mathematics
  • Separate purchase of hardware and/or software tools, in order to replicate the course labs

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