The 10 Technological Capabilities You Need for a Successful Digital Transformation

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Rankings, study advice, blog posts


Rankings, study advice, blog posts

The digital landscape is evolving at a rapid rate and to ensure success, businesses need to adapt and transform to meet the needs of the modern consumer base.The problem is, there's still a gap regarding capabilities, skills and competencies.

As a matter of fact, 72% of large companies are suffering a tech skill gaps in the UK. A number that's hard to ignore.To ensure a smooth and potent digital transformation, you need the technology as well as the type of talent that can adapt and evolve with industry shifts.

Technological must-haves to make sure your digital transformation come in two key categories: technology and soft skills. Without strength in these two areas, the progress of your business will be stunted.To give you a clear indication of the tech capabilities you need for your business, here is a rundown of our top 10...



  • Cloud Computing: In this day and age, everything is moving to the cloud. According to RightScale State of the Cloud survey, 17% of enterprises run over 1,000 VMs (virtual machines) in the public cloud, compared to 13% in 2015. To run in a flexible and efficient manner, businesses need to migrate to cloud computing.
  • Analytics: Explanatory and predictive insight is essential to any modern organisation. It's the key to understanding your consumers and developing your business to suit their needs. And there's so much data; there's no excuse not to use it to your advantage.
  • Digital Security: Today's technology is so sophisticated, people are able to hack into a broad range of databases. A breach in security could seriously derail your digital transformation efforts, so it must be nipped in the bud.
  • Digital Media: Content is king and all of today's content is digital, especially when it comes to social media. 51% of businesses have been implementing an interactive content strategy into their overall digital marketing campaign for three years or more.
  • Emerging technologies: Disrupting technologies are hitting the market all the time. All businesses looking to enjoy a successful digital transformation should invest in emerging technologies and understand how use them to benefit their business.


Soft Skills

  • Written communications skills: In today's world, you need to write clearly, naturally and purposefully. 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day to engage their target audience - and you need digitally savvy wordsmiths for your business. It’s essential.
  • Verbal communications skills: If you're coherent-with-style, people will stop, listen and take note. In today's digital world, sparking interest and encouraging engagement has never been more important.
  • Collaborative skills: No tech man or tech woman is an island. The ability to connect, communicate and collaborate is critical to the success of your digital transformation. You must invest in the tools and talent to ensure effective collaboration. You simply must. For digital marketing, Trello is a great collaborative tool.
  • Persuasion and negotiation skills: The digital playground is cutthroat, and most people disagree unless persuaded otherwise. You need individuals who are persuasive and know how to negotiate the best deals, particularly when your business is in a state of change.
  • External presentation skills: Even techies need to learn basic presentation skills before leaving the office. The ability to showcase your USPs, skills and exciting new developments is a big factor in any organisation's digital transformation process. Don’t overlook it.


The digital revolution is well underway. Are you ready? If not, you should be. To get prepared, read our 4 Keys to Lead and Succeed in your Digital Transformation Process.


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