Why attending a conference is a MUST to further your career

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Rankings, study abroad


Rankings, study abroad

Taking time away from work will always be one of life’s challenges. But when a conference is put in its place, it suddenly becomes an extracurricular activity worth your time. Why? Because conferences produce an ideal atmosphere for new ideas to be generated, new methods and strategies to be discussed among like-minded individuals; all in an atmosphere which cultivates learning and networking with industry professionals.


Where to start your research?

We think it starts at UnGagged. But don’t just take our word for it, do your research, get an idea of the type of conference you want to go to and why. Next, you need to know the benefits it brings to your career life and what to do when you get there…


Learn more than imagined

Ultimately, all conferences are another version of a university - albeit a more grown up and controlled version, but still, an environment where you’re there to learn - and to learn from the best. While you may be at a stage in your career where you think you know it all, surprise - there’s always something the next person knows that you don’t. And if you do know it all, share it with those around you and discuss their take on it, which may enhance your understanding. Interested in furthering your PPC knowledge? Want to learn the latest in content marketing or paid media? Check out the agenda for UnGagged Las Vegas this November. 


Promote your personal brand

This one is for everyone - whether you are an entrepreneur, have your own business, or you’re responsible for delivering the coffees in the morning; you have a brand to uphold. This brand is a representation of you, your skills and your experience; regardless of which company you are with at the time. The extent to which your promote this brand is entirely in your court. You may go to all the networking events, targeting those key individuals, conference speakers and company owners that you want to exchange contact details with;  or, you may wear the same branded shirt every day (a unique strategy that ensures you’ll never be forgotten).


Your Net Worth is your Network

While there are conferences that have thousands upon thousands of attendees; are they valuable and relevant to you and your career path? Seek out those events specific to what you want to get out of your career going forward, what skills can be sharpened in a unique way that will be profitable. Network with that handful of key individuals whose 5 minutes of chat is worth more than a whole week of aimlessly networking at a massive conference. Want a few names to check out? See the UnGagged Las Vegas lineup for some food for thought…


Solicit Business

While it may be a break from the constraints of your office, it’s still on work time, meaning your Mr./Ms. Business cap needs to be on. What more of a perfect opportunity to conduct business and check out the latest happenings in your industry than a conference where everyone is literally contained under the same roof? Start with joining the conference app to get an idea of who has registered with the event, and what companies they’re from. Take a look at the sponsor and exhibitor lineup to see which companies you want to target during the conference. Don’t forget the speakers aren’t ‘untouchable’ (not at UnGagged anyway), be sure to grab a drink with them or raise a question after their session to get business ideas flowing.


Be Inspired

As much as this sounds like something a homewares shop would have written on their display bedroom wall, it is nevertheless true. You might be one of those people who go to work, do your job, get home and repeat it the next day; and that might be working for you. But, if you have nothing to compare it to, no off the beaten track experience or enlightening event you have participated in; how do you expect to bring any of these transformative attributes to your job - to then be reflected in your profit? Your new goal of the week: book yourself into a conference coming up. Meet new people, learn in a new environment, banter with like-minded individuals, and you just may be surprised at how motivating and beneficial it could be (even if it is just to have a mental break from the office!)


Travel the World

Ever heard someone say they travel the world with their job? Doesn’t come often that's for sure. Attending conferences, however, provide you with that perfect opportunity to visit cities across the globe for a completely legitimate and excusable reason. Take UnGagged as an entirely unbiased example… with just this one conference, you can visit the thriving digital hub of London; or visit the adult's playground of Las Vegas - the choice is yours.



Attend UnGagged Las Vegas this 13-15 November to learn the latest, proven tactics in SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, PPC, strategic marketing, public speaking, tech SEO, and much more!

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