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For technical queries, please contact our support team on +44 (0)1618502004 or via email at For non technical queries, please contact

Is the CV open whilst you are trying to upload? If yes, close it down and try again. Is your CV in one of the allowed formats? If not, convert to allowed format and upload again. If you are unsure of which CV formats are accepted, please refer to the CV upload section of your application form.

Have the standard margins been changed with the original Word document? If yes, open your document, amend as necessary then re-upload the CV. If no, then check you have not included any frames in your document as this will also change the formatting.

Please review the status of your application(s) by selecting My Homepage in the menu above. Any applications which you have made to The University of Manchester are listed with the current status of your application displayed. Any changes to the status of your application will be updated here.

You may also receive email correspondence regarding the progress of your application. You can view the details of any emails sent to you regarding your applications by selecting My Emails in the menu above.

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