Digital Program Manager

Our Ed Institute Digital Program Manager has the exciting opportunity to…


- Project manage the design and launch of the Ed Institute external website, partnering with subject matter experts, web designers, developers, technology professionals and vendors as we prepare to make our kid curriculum available for external consumption;  

- Support efforts for the redesign and implementation of a new Ed Institute v2.0 internal website, by fusing subsites containing digital assets with eLearning courses to deliver a seamless user experience;

- Project manage and oversee digitization process for multiple learning assets as they are transformed for access via the Ed Institute internal website.


Responsibilities related to the Ed Institute external website include:

- Monitor project plan deliverables for 60- and 180-day post-launch of external site;

- Act as liaison across technology, communication, marketing and creative content teams;

- Act as the key point of contact and delivering client service to external constituents, as needed;

- Evaluate usage statistics from the external site on a weekly basis, flagging trends and proposing enhancements.


Responsibilities related to the Ed Institute internal website include: 

I. Content Management & Analytics:

- Manage multiple library asset development projects simultaneously by working with content owners from various departments across the organization to digitize all training content as it is uploaded to the Ed Institute website;

- Work with external vendor to digitize and publish library assets, sometimes updating and maintaining multiple forms of content;

- Provide content uploading, proofreading, formatting and user functionality support as needed;

- Manage dynamic homepage content updates; 

- Leverage Google Analytics to track user statistics on the Ed Institute website;

- Maintain accuracy of Ed Institute Weekly Project Tracker, which lists and tracks progress/next steps of all projects/initiatives including library assets and e-Course development.

II. System administration

- Manage user groups, user permission, and notification communications;

- Coordinate with technology teams for credentialing, implementation and troubleshooting;

- Maintain working relationships with vendors.


The Ed Institute Digital Program Manager should be someone who…


- Has 2-4 years’ demonstrated experience developing job aids, online tutorials and/or other training materials, leveraging instructional design principles to construct forward-thinking, engaging, simple, and usable learning materials;

- Has experience with administration and implementation of learning management systems (LMS’s), basic learning technologies (e.g., webinar tools), and MS Office;

- Has ability to prioritize competing project deadlines;

- Completes tasks with minimal errors;

- Has experience developing and supporting training for education or operations related positions;

- Has familiarity with or awareness of Trello, SCORM and/or XAPI;

- Possesses basic knowledge of aspects of training development and delivery, including curriculum design and development, project management, and implementation strategies;

- Has ability to build consensus and collaborate across many teams;

- Drive for results, makes things happen, is proactive;

- Is an analytical thinker and exercises decisive judgment: analyzes issues and problems systematically, gathers broad and balanced input, draws sound conclusions and translates conclusions into timely decisions and actions;

- Goes above and beyond to innovate, share best practices, and support the organization;

- Exhibits a high level of grit and determination coupled with a strong sense of humor;

- Is a learner; and 

- Is committed to education reform.

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