Elect Design Engr

Cypress Semiconductor Technology India Pvt. Ltd

Job Description


Responsible for the development of integrated circuits using CMOS analog/digital circuitry .
-     Technical responsibilities include:  circuit design and simulation.
-     Layout supervision

  • Behavioral model vs schematic verification
  • IBIS and SPICE-based model generation
  • Preparation of test plan for the test group, product characterization, bench to test correlation.
  • Bench evaluation both at the silicon level and at the applications level, and documentation.
  • Ability to communicate with all levels and other groups, and requires having good verbal and written communications skills.






Experience: BS+ 0-2years, MS+ 0-1 years

-  Analog IC Design, some Digital IC Design, and familiarity with high voltage design.

-  Proficient with opamp theory and design, stability analysis and compensation techniques

-  Familiarity with low power design, LDOs, and Buck Boost architectures

-  Experience with scripting language(Python, Perl, TCL , Shell) is a plus

-  Strong communicator and team player

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Junior industry position