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Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Practical Information:

  • Format: Full-time (60 ECTS), Day classes

  • Language: English

  • Tuition fees: 16,000€

  • Length: 12 months

  • Application deadline:
    > Non-EU students: May 31st 2019 (recommendation related to visa procedures)
    > EU students: June 30th 2018

This Advanced Master is a 12 month International Master program offered in partnership with MIP Politecnico di Milano. It consists of a fall term in Milan (at MIP Politecnico di Milano) and a spring term in Brussels (at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management). The program is taught entirely in English.

Whether you wish to become an entrepreneur, a project manager in a small or big organisation or a consultant, this Advanced Master will help you acquire the competences to build your success. By joining this truly unique program, you will develop your ability to spot new market opportunities, to design suitable innovation strategies and to build a new organisation, while constantly experimenting your skills and creativity in very different settings.

Over the program, you will develop a sound set of competences that will give you the right mindset to master a complex environment where increasing speed of change, uncertainty, the emergence of new technologies and the broadening of global markets constantly challenge us.

To operate successfully in such complexity, you will have to think and act as an entrepreneur and an innovative leader. And this is exactly what you will learn, not only in the classroom, but mainly on the field during the multiple project-oriented courses that will shape your experience in Milan and Brussels.

Overview of Courses

Fall term courses: entrepreneurial thinking & acting, design-driven innovation, marketing for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, leadership & change management, social & sustainable innovation, markets & technology of the future, project management.

Spring term courses: innovation management, data analytics, financial analysis, strategy & growth.

Solvay’s teaching method blends in-depth lecture-based teaching, case-studies, design and experimentation labs, on-the-field training and exposure to mentorship and corporate projects.

Over the course of the program, participants will take part in two main field projects:

  1. The “New Venture Lab” where they will have to act as an entrepreneur to create a startup from scratch.

  2.  The “Innovation in Action Lab” where they will have to run a consulting assignment in an established small or medium enterprise.

During these projects, participants will be individually coached by the Faculty and professional consultants to maximize their on-the-job learning experience.

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Advanced Master in Innovation & Strategic Management

Practical Information:

  • Format: Full-time (60 ECTS), Day classes

  • Language: English

  • Tuition fees: 15,000€

  • Length: 10 months

  • Application deadline:
    > Non-EU students: May 31st 2019 (recommendation related to visa procedures)
    > EU students: June 30th 2019

This Advanced Master provides students with the essential tools, skills and mind-set needed to deal with the challenge of organizations in fast-evolving environments. It helps them to develop their ability to analyse complex challenges, integrate technology and innovation into their projects or businesses, and influence their environment early on in their careers.

It covers the main management disciplines with a particular focus on the future developments of the market and emerging technologies. It embraces innovation from a wide variety of angles, ranging from technological advances to the transformation of existing business models and organisational forms.

During the program, students develop their ability to grasp innovative opportunities and understand the dominant strategic logic in many different sectors around the world.

The program highlights the importance of innovation and helps instill a strategic approach. Every year, the program is fine-tuned. In 2017, two major new initiatives have been introduced: the European Innovation Tour (2 short study trips in top innovation hubs across Europe) and an upgraded field project where students will have to do a strategy consulting assignment in one “Innovative Scale-up”. Instead of the field project, students can choose to participate in coding courses by the coding school "Le Wagon".

Overview of Courses

INTRODUCTION: Refresher excel, finance, maths & stats, key soft skills, design thinking & entrepreneurship, organizational behavior & leadership, introduction to strategy, strategic marketing.

THE MANAGER TOOLBOX: corporate finance, entrepreneur in action, advanced strategy, digital innovation, social innovation & ethics in business, international strategy.

INNOVATION & STRATEGY: disruptive innovation, intellectual property strategy, data science for business, innovation management, operations management, project management.

INTEGRATION: Consulting skills & Field Project or Coding School

Courses are mainly structured into case studies, workshops, seminars, discussions, simulations, group work, coaching sessions and on-the- job learning.

Classes are intentionally limited to manageable-sized and coherent cohorts, ensuring maximum participation and easy access to the faculty. Diversity in class in terms of gender, academic background and culture enhances the student experience of participants and prepare them for an international career.

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Early-Bird discounts, amounting to €1.000, will be recognized to candidates who will send their applications by April 29th, 2019 (January 31st, 2019 for Innovation & Entrepreneurship) (valid only for registrations confirmed within 2 weeks from receipt of the admission documents).  

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