Digital Art Cert.

Danville Community College

Purpose: The Digital Art and Design Career Studies Certificate is a response to the non-conventional short-term program of study

needs of many students within our region. These specialized program options represent a variety of career and academic interest areas and are

intended to represent the minimum amount of college coursework considered representative of their fields of study. Each program option is

designed as a distinct “mini-curriculum” to meet minimum vocational skills.

Occupational Objectives: The five-course, 17-credit Digital Art and Design Career Studies Certificate is intended to provide a solid

foundation of skills for entry level work in graphic and interactive design, multimedia, and video production.

Admission Requirements:

Admission to the Digital Art and Design Career Studies Certificate is based upon the general requirements for the

College. If a student meets the general admission requirements, a counselor will discuss the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Any

academic deficiencies may be corrected in the College’s Developmental Studies program.

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