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Doctoral students may pursue a Ph.D. in digital arts at a few universities, or they may choose the similar, but more common Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Digital Media. A Ph.D. program in digital media builds upon a strong foundation of knowledge in graphic design, digital technologies, publishing communications and the practical and theoretical aspects of the digital medium. Students research how forms of digital art and media can change the face of art and visual communications across the globe. These programs tend to target individuals interested in digital media research or teaching positions in design.

Prerequisites may include a bachelor's degree in graphic design, art, computer software, illustration or a similar subject as well as 3 letters of recommendation and a portfolio of previously completed digital works. A dissertation on a chosen topic is typically required for students to graduate.

Doctor of Philosophy in Digital Art

In addition to individual research, students enrolled in a Ph.D. program in digital art or media complete basic seminars and studio courses, like in game design, issues in media studies and intellectual property law. In some courses students also get hands-on lab time to gain a practical understanding of what the technology can do and how the content impacts a global audience. Some examples of class topics include:

  • Visual culture and design
  • Computers as a creative medium
  • Interactive design
  • Project studio
  • Technology and representation
  • Experimental media
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