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Life is being transformed by digital technologies - are you equipped to understand, to contribute to and indeed to make the changes happening around you? The MA in Digital Cultures will prepare you to understand the transformation in our society, identity, and culture; to develop digital literacies in using and in creating digital artefacts in a range of media and to provide innovative and creative leadership in the digital age.

The accelerating velocity of digital transformation: the explosion of social media since Facebook (2004); the widespread adoption of smartphones (2007) and tablets since 2010 - devices now outselling traditional PCs, demonstrate the digital revolution that is reshaping our society. These tool and platforms are enabling profound social and political changes from the Arab Spring to how we interact in our families and communities.These societal transformations raise new questions for the Arts and Social Sciences, and demand graduates who can not only effectively employ these tools, but more profoundly leverage them through critical appreciation of the profound ways they are transforming our everyday lives.

The UCC MA in Digital Cultures operates within and about the digital moment, developing knowledge, skills and critical awareness through praxis.The MA in Digital Cultures not only develops practical skills to flourish in the digital age, but also to explore the impact of the digital on culture, power and identity in society. The programme fosters new literacies for the contemporary world - of digital consumption, literacy of digital production, of digital creation. Most importantly, the MA in Digital Cultures considers the moral and ethical implications and social, cultural, political and economic impacts of technology on human organisation.

This MA encourages a truly transdisciplinary engagement that is creatively enriching for students within a scholarly atmosphere. We offer an unique interdisciplinary opportunity for participants in a distinctive synergy within Digital Cultures. The programme offers an introduction into how digital tools and methods can be used in research and it combines innovative elements of theory and practice in Digital Cultures.

The programme will provide a grounding in how digital tools can be used to capture social and cultural data sources in digital form, using standards-based tools (TEI, XML, SQL amongst others) to frame research questions, collaborate on research using social networking tools, and present results both in print and on the web using current standards-based presentation technologies. Students will be encouraged to and facilitated in the creation of digital artefacts individually and in teams.International engagement and participation is expected and encouraged – led by the teaching team.

The DC MA is geared towards introducing graduates to the use of appropriate digital tools to address research questions in their 'traditional' disciplines. It lays the foundations for work on capturing, reading and writing sources in digital form, and using them for analytic and creative work. 

The core is based on two modules:

Communities of Practice in Digital Scholarship (10 credits)

Conceptual Introduction to Digital Arts

Humanities (10 credits)

20 credits of modules covering tools, methods and the institute in the digital arts & humanities.

The programme is further complemented with 20 credits from a list of elective modules.

For further details of the programme content, please see the Postgraduate College Calendar:  Here

Additional Teaching Mode Information

This MA in Digital Cultures programme will be delivered in a blended fashion: predominantly online, and in conjunction with three (3) intensive on-site workshops that will reinforce and provide effective direct instruction in digital skills. Online delivery in our case also offers online, synchronous, face-to-face tutorials to support the other online material accessed by the student.

Non-EU Applications

Applicants who are interested in applying for the programme can also apply online at PAC.

For full details of the non-EU application procedure please visit our how to apply pages for international students.

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Master's programs


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