Digital Design Graphics Technology

Napa Valley College

At the entrance to the world renowned Napa Valley lies Napa Valley College.  The department of Digital Design and Graphics Technology (DDGT) provides courses in CAD, Architecture, computer aided graphics, computer aided graphic design, solid modeling and animation using programs like AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds max, Photoshop, REVIT Architecture and Rhinoceros 3D.  Courses are designed to parallel technical design office environments to allow students to easily enter the workforce upon completion of their studies.

As an Autodesk Premiere Training Center, Autodesk certified courses are offered in CAD design software made by Autodesk.  In these concentrated industry modeled classes, students receive high quality training for certificates of completion from Autodesk for the various levels of training, as well as college credits.  All Autodesk courses are taught by instructors who work in industry using Autodesk software so you are assured of receiving current, real world applicable training.

The program is designed to provide cutting-edge technical skills to those who complete the program successfully.  DDGT is proud of our record in vocational placement of our graduates.  Students are employed in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Multi-Media and many other digital graphic technology professions.  Many DDGT students have used the training received at NVC to launch a 4-year program of study in related fields.

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