Digital Forensics, Associate of Applied Science

Community College of Baltimore County.

The Digital Forensic program provides excellent pathways for students to gain the knowledge and skills needed for careers related to computers and digital forensics. Students may transfer to universities and colleges that offer undergraduate education in computers and digital forensics and related disciplines. Our Digital Forensics program of study integrates technology and law.

The Digital Forensics curriculum and courses provide a solid foundation to students in forensic investigation techniques. Students learn how to conduct an actual physical crime scene investigation in a hands-on practicum, gather electronic evidence at the scene, examine the seized electronic evidence using forensic methods, and produce findings  in an examiner's report. The Digital Forensics program utilizes a cross-disciplinary approach which integrates technology and law.

Program objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

Define digital forensics and describe how to take a systematic approach when preparing a digital investigation;

Apply computer forensic procedures for seizure, preservation, and documentation of electronic evidence;

Describe processing crime and incident scene and chain of custody;

Discuss various File Systems and File System Management of storage medium;

Compare and contrast the methods of data storage on a mobile device;

Apply the best practices for the isolation of mobile devices from cellular networks;

Analyze digital media using forensic tools; and

Identify some of hte current techniques and tools for forensic examinations.

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