Digital Media Management

Bring creativity and business savvy to the world of music, film and gaming

Students in the Digital Media Management program study digital communication and contribute to the conversation, both in business and entertainment.

They learn how to manage various forms of digital media, including music, television, movies and games, and explore the business world’s adoption of digital. In addition to core business areas, such as accounting, marketing, economics and management, students delve into digital marketing, project management and social networking.

Digital media is a dynamic and rapidly expanding industry:

The information sector, which includes media, research and development, computer systems, telecommunications and advertising, accounts for more than one-third of the U.S. GDP.

A central trend in this sector is the merging of media, communication and entertainment.

Almost half of all new capital investment in the U.S. is devoted to IT.

Austin’s gaming industry represents the most dynamic digital media business growth in Texas.

Austin’s digital media industry includes some of the most prominent studios.​



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