Digital Signal Processing Certification

Purdue University


This certificate program, sponsored by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Purdue Online Learning at Purdue University is designed to help you become knowledgeable about the area of digital signal processing. The certificate you earn will serve as evidence that you have achieved a significant level of expertise in digital signal processing.

This certificate program meets the needs of mid-career and late-career engineers new to the area of Digital Signal Processing. The certificate is also appropriate for engineering managers who need a background in Digital Signal Processing and its implementation in emerging technologies.

Our Curriculum

This program features 15 credits in signal processing and related courses (e.g., in mathematics). Up to three-semester credits can be transferred from another university (effectively one of five courses); the remainder must be earned at Purdue.

An average grade of B in the two core courses and an average of 3.0 overall are required. All courses for the certificate must be completed within a five-year span.

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