Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

Temasek Polytechnic


Viruses, trojans and hackers – these are just some of the dangers lurking on the Internet. How can organisations protect themselves against a threat they can’t even see?

Government systems, game companies and many other organisations have already been compromised. More than ever before, there is high demand for talented cyber security professionals and those with digital forensics skills who can investigate crimes and retrieve evidence from computers and networks.

Build a Strong Foundation

In Year 1, you will learn the core computing subjects ranging from computational thinking and user experience to IT security and data analytics. This strong foundation provides the core skills necessary for any cyber security and digital forensics specialist to understand what is necessary to defend and protect information systems.

Defend Cyber Space

In your second year, you will acquire cyber security and forensics industry-specific competencies such as networking security, file system forensics, malware analysis and ethical hacking. Receiving hands-on training in state-of-the art facilities, you will learn how to conduct vulnerability assessments of computer and application systems, use ethical hacking tools and implement intrusion prevention solutions.

Apply Advanced Skills in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

In your final year you will experience working in ‘live’ learning enterprises such as the TP-IBM Security Operations Centre and Temasek Advanced Learning, Nurturing and Testing (TALENT) Laboratory, set up in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs. You will have opportunities to be attached to local and overseas cyber security and/or forensics companies where you can apply your knowledge and skills to cyber security and/or forensics related-projects and real-life situations.

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