Diploma in Financial Business Informatics

Temasek Polytechnic


In the local and global banking and financial services industry, there is demand for professionals who possess information technology skills and a sound understanding of financial business processes. Such techno-strategists, with their dual skills, are sought after because they can contribute significantly to the organisations they join.

Fundamentals in Finance & IT

Ever wondered how financial markets work? How do banks operate? How do you know if a company is worth investing in? What are the core skills required for you to succeed in the world of financial IT? Find out the answers as you learn the fundamental concepts in finance and IT applications development.

Fintech and Investments

Discover the exciting world of Fintech innovations and how the financial world is being disrupted. Pick up skills that are in high demand such as Open Banking App development, investment portfolio analytics, risk and governance in finance as well as digital payment and lending. Like a practitioner, you have access to the Thomson Reuters software used in major financial institutions in Singapore. The TP-Thomson Reuters Financial Risk Management Centre is the only centre of its kind in a polytechnic.

Work in Finance and Fintech Startups

In your third year, you will apply your financial knowledge and IT skills through internships at banks, financial institutions and fintech startups. These internships could be in Singapore and/or overseas.

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