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Digital Humanities is a vibrant, rapidly growing field that needs to be present at a university of the standing of EPFL. The cross-disciplinary nature of digital humanities and its close relation to data science and other research initiatives at EPFL will attract future students with strong and diverse backgrounds not previously seen at EPFL, enriching the spectrum of doctoral research conducted. For this reason we propose a doctoral program in Digital Humanities that is geared to accommodate these novel academic developments.

The goals of EPFL’s doctoral program in Digital Humanities (EDDH) are to:

  • Be at the forefront of research and education in Digital Humanities with emphasis on cross-disciplinary and theoretical, empirical and quantitative projects in this new field
  • Educate a new generation of scientists able to analyze, compare and critically reflect on ecological problems and their methodological, cultural and legal issues, as well as conducting research with theoretical, empirical and quantitative methods.
  • Provide intellectual contributions and leadership in the ever-developing field of the Digital Humanities as well as social and cultural issues at large.
  • Bridge with the Swiss Data Science Center initiative of the ETH domain whose task is to develop a multidisciplinary network of embedded data science.

The EDDH will aim to attract current EPFL PhD students undertaking research in the field of Digital Humanities who are currently affiliated to different departments, faculties and doctoral programs. Furthermore, it is directed not only to engineers, mathematicians, computer and life scientists but also to broadly skilled students from Humanities and Social Sciences interested in the interdisciplinary research covered by the overarching Digital Humanities framework.

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