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National University of Ireland, Galway
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This award winning programme was designed in partnership with academics and employers to meet the specific requirements of industry. It equips graduates with essential knowledge and skills in the fields of operations, quality, and innovation management.

The programme aims to enhance graduates’ technical and management contribution in various enterprises including manufacturing, financial services, health services, government, and many more. It invites participants from many disciplines: it is suitable for Engineering, Science, Commerce, and Arts graduates who wish to pursue a career in a high-tech environment. This conversion course aspect is of significant interest to students who may wish to change direction from their course of undergraduate study and pursue a new career path that offers them sound employment prospects in a growth area.

The Masters of Applied Science (Enterprise Systems) programme is highly regarded by employers and there has always been a strong demand for our graduates. Graduates of this programme have secured roles in engineering, management and IT in companies such as Accenture, Apple, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Valeo, Ingersoll Rand, Pepsi, Kerry Group, IBM, Ericsson, Elan and Hewlett Packard.

Key features of the programme include:

  • Infusing a strong ethos of innovation in students
  • Engaging teaching methods (e.g. Lego serious play; company visits; guest lectures)
  • A customised learning programme to suit the needs of individual students
  • Multidisciplinary approach (e.g. Engineering, Technology, Business)
  • Extensive career opportunities

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