Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership

ESCP Europe

The influence of digital technologies and the way they are changing business, society and our personal lives are omnipresent. We observe a democratization of competition and a constant need for change.

Digital innovation or Industry 4.0 have become synonymous with the transformation of industry structures and the way we interact. We observe that boundaries between industries are changing and innovation opportunities may come from unforeseen sectors or technological breakthroughs. Big data analytics, cloud technologies and digital platforms allow constant innovative ways and opportunities and confront everyone with fundamental change and a democratisation of competition. Even if the term “digitisation” will likely change, the realities behind it are very real and will stay.

This transformation requires a mindset and skill set to shape and leverage this change. We at ESCP Europe believe that the world needs entrepreneurial leaders at every level of any kind of organisation in our society. It is our target to prepare them for this fundamental change and equip them with the tools and an open mindset to confront the challenges and to leverage new opportunities.

The Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (Master of Science) is an experiental journey and intensive immersion into digital innovation and entrepreneurship to shape and drive the digital transformation currently taking place.

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