M.a. In Digital Communication

Accelerate your career while maintaining work and family responsibilities in the online master’s degree program in digital communication from the acclaimed UNC MJ-school. The program equips working professionals for leadership roles, addressing the issues reshaping media and communication today with challenging courses designed for career-minded students’ ambitious schedules. Students complete nine courses over two years and then spend the final semester working one-on-one with faculty on a comprehensive project.

Our challenging curriculum addresses the issues reshaping media and communication today. Students learn concepts and skills with an emphasis on applied research and critical thinking.

The 30-credit program consists of nine courses taken over two years and one summer term (two courses per semester, one during summer), followed by a final thesis project in the last semester. There is a set curriculum, a prescribed list of courses that are designed to be taken in order.

Students also participate in two required on-campus experiences, a two-day orientation at the beginning of the program and a five-day summer residency the following May.

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