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Ever notice how some brands just speak to you? As a marketing major at the USD School of Business, you will discover how strategy, market research and consumer behavior come together to make compelling campaigns. Whether you are interested in pitching advertising concepts, conducting market research or diving into digital marketing, we will help you prepare for an exciting career in the field of marketing.

To get you thinking like a marketer, we provide real-world experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. In Digital Marketing and Social Media, for example, you will run advertising campaigns for real clients in San Diego using Google AdWords and analytical tools. You will learn which ads were most effective and make recommendations based on those results—just like a real marketing consultant.

With globalization on the rise, we equip you with the necessary skills to deliver culturally relevant marketing messages. In our Consumer Behavior class, you will take field notes, conduct interviews and code data to see how marketing concepts might work in other countries. Have a passport? You are welcome to take this class—and many others—overseas.

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Learn to persuade consumers to take action through communication.From Alcala Ave. to Madison Ave.After graduating, our marketing majors find exciting careers in areas such as advertising, digital marketing, public relations and sales. You will find our alumni working in a variety of positions, including account executive, brand manager, SEO analyst, sales consultant and more.Master the art of the pitch Marketing careers come with quite a bit of presenting, from high-level strategy to creative concepts. We will help you strengthen your written and oral communication skills so that your great ideas are heard.

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