Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree program

Digital curation is defined as the selection, collection, maintenance, preservation, and archiving of digital assets. Digital curation originally referred to the process of establishing and developing trusted digital repositories for research data that can be used by current and future scientists, historians, and scholars. But business enterprises also utilize digital curation to preserve, share, and add value to their digital data and objects in order to improve their operational and strategic processes. Successful digital curation ensures digital objects remain understandable, accessible, useable and safe over time and beyond the limits of technical obsolescence. See: Digital Curation FAQs

The unprecedented expansion of the digital universe requires the expertise of professionals with skills and knowledge to provide long-term stewardship of digital assets.

Employment Opportunities

Students who concentrate in this pathway may work as:

  • Data/Digital Curators
  • Data/Digital Curation Librarians
  • Data/Digital Steward
  • Data/Digital Services Specialist
  • Data/Digital Archivists
  • Data/Digital Assets Managers
  • Data/Digital Curation Archivists
  • Data/Digital Collections Managers
  • Data/Digital Humanities Librarian
  • Data/Digital Repository Analyst
  • Data/Digital Preservation Specialist
  • Data/Digital Preservation Managers
  • Humanities Curator
  • Image Resources Coordinator
  • Informatics/data Services Specialists
  • Metadata Librarians
  • Scientific Data Curator
  • Spatial Data Analyst/Curators
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