Master's Degree in Digital Marketing

With an emphasis on providing a current and relevant instruction on topics today's digital marketers face, this online Master's Degree in Digital Marketing encompasses a cutting edge, innovative curriculum and learning environment with the goal of producing dynamic, knowledgeable graduates who are prepared for the growing, ever-changing and fast-paced atmosphere of digital marketing. 

Courses cover topics including (but are not limited to):

  • social media
  • search marketing
  • web analytics
  • online metrics
  • digital marketing strategy
  • online consumer behavior
  • B2B/B2C digital marketing
  • digital marketing research

This advanced digital marketing degree is unique in its class. Offered through the ETSU College of Business and Technology, the business-based curriculum offers practical value to students and their employers unmatched by other digital communications programs currently available. 

Students graduating from this program will be better equipped for the current and future landscapes of digital marketing and able to leverage knowledge of research, strategy, and analytics in support of key business objectives

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