Medical Coding Studies Dipl.

Delaware Technical & Community College

As a medical coder you are responsible for managing and classifying medical data by assigning a specialized code to each diagnosis and procedure found in a patient's medical record. These codes designate data such as diseases, operations, diagnostic procedures, and therapies. The information is reported to other health care professionals and insurance companies. Skilled coders know medical terminology, standard coding classifications, and medical record keeping software.

Students who begin in the Medical Coding Diploma Program and choose to continue their education may transfer into the Health Information Management (HIM) Program and apply the credit-hours earned for the diploma toward completion of an Associate in Applied Science Degree. That degree prepares students with the competencies necessary to be successful in areas pertaining to the clinical data and financial management of patient health records.

Academically ready students can apply to the program following the guidelines of the Allied Health competitive admission process. Interested applicants should review the information provided here and contact their program advisor for application requirements.

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