Motion Picture Production Technology-Digital Animation Concentration AS

Palm Beach Community College

his degree program provides professional training in film, digital animation, and recording arts production for students interested in a career in the film and entertainment industry. The degree program prepares the student to work in a technical capacity in most key crew areas. In this program, students work alongside professionals using cutting edge equipment and technologies, while learning how to put together a film, animation or recording project from the ground up.

The program offers internship experiences in cooperation with the local/regional entertainment industry and through student production projects. Because the courses are offered on a block schedule, it is recommended that the student enrolls in three or more major courses each term. Course content includes motion picture production, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, design, animation and business concepts in the motion picture industries.

Students work cooperatively with those enrolled in concurrent courses to complete extensive production projects outside of regular class meetings. These projects follow the professional Hollywood model for production.

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