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As the world’s dependency on computers and mobile technologies increases, so does the demand for digital forensic experts that can investigate and effectively present evidence recovered from digital crimes. The use of digital evidence in litigation continues to be more prevalent and requires professionals that are prepared to assist in litigation support services in the area of electronic evidence. 

Stevenson University Online's Master of Science in Digital Forensics prepares students to identify, acquire, restore, and analyze electronic data. Our graduate program provides students with the knowledge to design a comprehensive methodology to cover the acquisition, preservation, and analysis of various forms of digital evidence.

Developed for working professionals, Stevenson's Digital Forensics graduate program is offered fully online. Stevenson’s master’s program equips students with the skills to communicate their findings, analysis, and conclusions effectively, especially as expert witnesses during trials. Courses in Stevenson University’s online master’s in Digital Forensics program are taught by practicing digital forensic experts and focus on the integration of auditing, computer forensics, and investigative analyses into coherent, defensible conclusions.

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