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South Plains College may offer students an Emergency Loan to cover their tuition and fees if they fall under the 30-day hold requirement. First-time Federal Direct Loan borrowers are not allowed their Federal Direct Loan disbursements until 30 days after the first day of class. Students who have no other means to pay their tuition and fees except their loans may apply for Emergency Loans.

Students who do not have a 30-day hold but are awarded a Federal Direct Loan for one semester only may qualify as well. To be considered, the student must have a Federal Direct Loan for only one semester of the award year. In this case, federal law requires two disbursements for the Federal Direct Loan. To potentially qualify for an Emergency Loan, the first disbursement must be less than the total tuition and fees with no other Financial Aid awarded to pay the difference.

Prior to application, students must complete the FAFSA online and list SPC as an institution to receive the results. A student’s financial aid file at SPC must be complete, have a Federal Direct Loan award and meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Additionally, students must register for classes prior to application.

Emergency Loans are given on a first-come, first-serve basis and depend on fund availability. When an Emergency Loan is granted, it pays all of the student’s tuition and fees, or the tuition and fees balance after other Financial Aid has been applied. If additional funding is available, the Financial Aid Office may choose to lend a specified amount to the borrower for required textbooks.

Students must come to the Financial Aid Office in person to complete Emergency Loan applications; Emergency Loans are awarded according to the classes on the students’ schedules at the time the applications are received. If a student changes his or her schedule after the Emergency Loan has been awarded and there is a difference in cost, that difference will be the student’s sole responsibility to pay.

Students have 90 days to repay Emergency Loans from Financial Aid funds, personal funds or acceptable repayment arrangements with the Business Office. Students will not receive a Financial Aid credit until the Emergency Loan is paid in full.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at or 806-894-9611, ext 3800, for application dates and additional information.

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