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    • 5 days ago

    Digital & Social Media Certificate Program, Professional Training

    Ottawa, Canada

    Over 500 Participants Selected This Program to Advance Their Careers Throughout North America Digital and social media have become essential components of many departments withi...

    Starts: Apr 24, 2017 End Date: Apr 24, 2017
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    • 1 month ago

    Certificate in "Digital Media - Design & Production"

    Vienna, Austria

    This certificate enables students from all backgrounds to acquire skills needed to engage into the expanding field of digital media. It is designed to serve students who have no pr...

    Starts: Feb 25, 2017 End Date: Feb 25, 2017
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    • 2 months ago

    Digital Transformation of Service Systems, Proffesional Training

    Hector, United States

    The primary objective of the course is to enable participants to play a vital role at the intersection of technical and business issues, being able to bridge the gap between compan...

    Starts: Mar 07, 2017 End Date: Mar 07, 2017
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    • 2 months ago

    Design Thinking Program

    Zagreb, Germany

    The digitalisation of the economy and society is no longer a future vision. In many industries it is already a reality and presents a challenge. In this environment, executive...

    Starts: May 11, 2017 End Date: May 11, 2017
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    • 3 months ago

    Certificate in Digital Marketing and Social Media

    Zagreb, Austria

    With the rise of smartphones, video games, tablets, social networks and other forms of devices and new media, organizations are changing the way they communicate with c...

    Starts: Sep 25, 2017 End Date: Sep 25, 2017